Thursday, November 09, 2006

No Deals

In this world everything is compromised
So make every deal
Every last deal and why should we care?
How could such a terrible idea fail?

You know you want to

Our most famous dead heroes are speaking
to you, you who have been rightfully cast away
They are not happy
You packaged them up, you sold them
Made them pretty nice neat solutions
to your forest fire of problems
raced them to the point of no return
Disgraced them, watered them down
Watched them burn
Used them then you shot them
One of you and you will not say who
you shot them
Their mothers come for you screaming banshees
So easy in the history books they crush you
You mocked them in life
and now in death
They won the war they would not fight
They own you

You loved them to do
what you wanted and needed them to do
What they were willing to do like BOO!
Now they turn on you like BOO!
Dead anger, the most wicked of angers
Holes in their backs

He who knows

and what should not be exposed

There will be no deals for you
There will ne no thinking this over
no getting soft
There will be no moments in the morning
when it's wonderful and the world whispers to you
It's soft warm and right where you wanted it to be
when you saw this scene and you knew it
This cannot be for you
This will not be for you
No deals for those who dealt us
with handshakes and twisted word

The globe will be spun
Then we will talk
Go be where you would choose to be
to die in shame

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Supermom doesn't exist
this is her team and she's pissed
But the first cup has been won
All that's lost henceforth has an alibi

Suicide doesn't exist
You look at yourself for a new time
and you must change

Oh, how you must change

Sense doesn't exist, nor persist
Little girls go to the dentist and die
Afghanistan is given 28.5 billion, billion
to rebuild, rebuild
Money, our money, passed from dirty hands
into dirtier pockets
Gifts, gifts

The barren future that was spoke of
It doesn't exist
Every last winner is nailed on that base
and when the past is strong
the future can be stronger
if this power could be measured
it would, will be even longer

Saturday, September 09, 2006

No Sugar

I ate an orange, a salad
and the top of a banana
before it went soft
nuts for the chimpmunks
oceans of water
oceans of water
Chicken that did not live
Something moving behind me
Just a little bit of brownie
Going for a new look today

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Illusion and the cloud that comes
From all angles the cloud comes
Fighting has done no good
Fighting has lost our sons
Or has the fighting not been enough?
Was the fight brought hard enough?
Who is charging? Who is on the run?
Now the answers are rushed, no thought
less dumb, unbegun, holes in the protection

You always remember when something was begun
if that something is good and strong
I want to remember this
and have it last forever
and I want to remember right now, this moment
the turnaround, the platform, the plateau, the shelter
this beginning, this thing starting, as of now living
I'm looking out the window, remembering every shadow
I'm melting through the window, hanging in the shadows

Now I see unfiltered
Now I see the next level
I see stringed accomplishment, I see silence is best
Yes, self sucesss, strong in the center, fulfillment
In the next life I'm going to be so damn smart
All the world's most perfect fool
king of it all
golden, with gifts, and good to you
Both hero and goat
A real piece of art
But how can I set signs for me?
Am I remembering the signs I've already set
in lives preceding?
How most clearly can I connect and arrive?
I will find the signs and it's as simple as that

It must feel good when you hurt to cry about it
Just as it feels good to throw it all up
When your stomach has gone bust
Your head is light and hot
Equilibrium lost
Stick your head in the hole
make it all comes up
and then it's gone
This is crying, letting it go
to wherever enough is enough
which isn't here nor should it be
if we want to be healthy

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Mansion Stands

Everything is broke, got no gin
My only way out is locking me in
Thought I saw it, asses and apes
holy rollin' rovers, mountains el fin
But it was all fake
And certain ways I was leaning
kept me stuck like tape
stuffed with catalysts and painted with skin

My mansion I made still stands
Promises made still stand
Capabilities still in my hands
Places to be peeped with no problems nor plans
This is why I built it, this is no scam

Two up and deservedly so
Time runs out and we wander home

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Quick Answer

I know how weird this will seem
You're weird
God spoke to me
in tears
and, yeah, I know how that sounds
but I know how He sounds
He was from the sky and hitting the ground
He was loud but you had to listen

I'm here in Purgatory
I remember the night I died
Do they miss me?
I think they must
In the meantime, these continents I build
I build for love and trust
because they give me meaning
when meaning is lost

Rain fell, we waited
Always, always patience
Smash skies played their latest
Then the sun came and it saved us

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


There is no way around these edges
nor the dogs
Razors like baby wire, precision
and disrepair in instant dust
Lines like cut off orphans
glass in the sand
angle of the pain
Lines like holy men and senators
at it again

These are not the edges we would write
if we found a way out
or in
back then when
We fit in perfectly like danger and escape
ginger and gin
the gifthorses' mouths we peer in
and every floating gift

Come in, come in

We always said we couldn't wait
Now we know
Now the edges are darker where we arrive
late and laughing again
Clearer where we breathe
Calling for more than this
Going crazy for orchestras
On everylasting streets

He came and some saw
and some were religious
and they didn't

He is and won't be with us
He senses who morphs with us under siege
Who sleeps in lace and fleas
Who stops for nothing
Who is not mortal nor alive
Who is almost free
Who has died and died and died
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